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Count on Kids is raising money in honor of Layla Fhae Clute, who was stillborn at 27 weeks. Her parents, Alex and Laura Clute, were able to spend some time with her thanks to a wonderful device called a Caring Cradle. It's a special cradle that maintains a cool temperature, allowing parents to spend some time with a baby who has passed. Money raised in honor of Layla Fhae will be used to purchase a Caring Cradle for a local Sacramento hospital. Your donation means that another family will get an opportunity to find some peace in a time of grief.


Each Caring Cradle costs approximately $5,500. 

Donors will receive a contribution receipt from Count on Kids with our tax ID # which an be used for tax purposes. 

Early donations made by;

Kelli and Dave Plevyak           $100

Lindsay and Paul Dilloway    $100

Kate and Chris Espinosa         $100

Cameron Handley                    $50

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