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Marketing Assistant

Want to be a part of an organization that teaches children to look beyond themselves and become socially responsible individuals? Please consider volunteering your time and talent to empower kids to make a difference in the community! Count on Kids is a Sacramento region, non-profit and we rely on our amazing volunteers to make our programs possible. Being a volunteer with Count on Kids is a great opportunity to get involved with our growing Leadership Squad (youth members) and all we have to offer. Count on Kids welcomes volunteers who have the same vision for providing children opportunities to give back to their communities through community service projects.

Our Marketing Assistant position will provide expertise and effort related to spreading the word about Count on Kids and our mission. Simply put – get to know our mission, our audience and our programs and then find every way possible to expand our presence in the community.

Students: This position is eligible for community service hours (Open to middle school and high school volunteers!)

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Researching local newspapers, magazines, online advertisers and other media outlets that would be appropriate avenues for featuring Count on Kids

  • Creation of content to feature on media outlets. This may include writing articles and graphic design

  • Identifying local expos and other venues for Count on Kids to engage the community at

  • Generation of marketing materials including brochures, event write-ups, event posters.

  • Identifying all other marketing opportunities and needed materials


An application will be provided and upon completion a phone screen will be conducted.

A background check may be required


Things of note:

  • Since you are representing Count on Kids, a professional but fun demeanor is a must

  • Attending at least one Count on Kids event is recommended

  • Experience working with children ages 3-18, helpful but not necessary


Benefits of volunteering in this role:

  • Gain experience supporting group activities for children

  • Be a champion for our Leadership Squad (youth members) as they develop a lifetime of leadership skills and confidence

  • Expand your professional network; list volunteer work on LinkedIn and be recognized for your contributions and service

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