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Donation Corner

Service Project: create a location in your home or garage to store items for donation

Prep time: none

Cost: Free (just use whatever art supplies you have)

Duration: 45 minutes (this includes drying time if you are using glue)

Lesson(s) learned: donations help others

Blog written by: Kelli Plevyak

How we did it:

This project is a great way to introduce the concept of service to your child. Involve your child in designating a location in your home or garage to store items for donation. The location should be easy to access and at eye level so the child is able to place items in the container themselves. If it’s in a fairly visible location it would serve as a consistent reminder to the child that items should be donated when possible. Select a cardboard box or storage container for this purpose and let the child decorate it! This can be as fancy or as simple as they want!

Every time Addison gets out of the car she walks right past this storage shelf. What a great location for our donation container! I happened to have a spare plastic storage container to use. A cardboard box or large trash bag would work just as well.

Addison went into our craft drawer and selected a large piece of yellow paper, two different colored glitters and iron-on lettering. Yes, you read that correctly, iron-on lettering. Nope, we are not making a donation t-shirt! It’s what she picked so I just rolled with it! You can easily create a sign using your computer and decorate it.

I peeled the iron-on letters off and placed them on the yellow paper. Addison attempted to spell D O N A T I O N on her own. Hey, she’s only 2 and I’m impressed that all the letters stayed on the paper!

I put glue on the back of the lettering and she pressed the letters onto the paper.

We squeezed glue onto the paper in a crazy, messy, fun way. Addison kept saying, “Glitter, glitter!” Yep, we’re getting ready for the glitter! Protect your workspace appropriately. We simply put down some paper towels. It made clean up a breeze!

Addison started with the red glitter first.

Next, the purple glitter. This sign is really starting to shine!

We left the sign to dry for 10 minutes. During this time, we thought that we would reinforce the idea of donating to those in need by asking Addison to pick out a book for the donation bin.

We taped our sparkly sign above our donation bin and Addison placed the book into our newly created donation area. How exciting!

Addison is putting some of her dad’s clothes to donate in the donation bin. Once we fill up our bin, Addison will join us in finding a local charity that can benefit from our items.

This was so easy and fun! Getting your child involved in this process helps them feel a sense of ownership and appreciation for what they can do for others.


- Kelli Pleyvak



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