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Flower Wreaths for the Wise

This Service Superstar Post comes to us from Sacramento, California. A group of 60 exuberant preschoolers, ages 18 months to 6 years old, learned about our local, non-profit senior center and made beautiful paper, flower wreaths!

Madrone Montessori, a preschool in El Dorado Hills, teaches their students about a different non-profit every week. The students learn about the mission of the non-profit and how they help the community. Their lesson culminates in the students completing a project that will benefit the non-profit. It’s a wonderful partnership since one of the worthy goals of both organizations is to to raise children who have a lifelong love of serving (and being involved in) their community.

Madrone students recently learned about a non-profit senior center managed by our local community service district. The Gilmore Senior Center “is owned and maintained by El Dorado County, who collaborates with the CSD to provide recreational programming and activities for adults age 50 and up. This unique partnership serves seniors throughout the county” (

The Madrone students enjoyed learning about The Gilmore Center and enjoyed even more creating beautiful flower wreaths for them! Later in the week, Addie delivered 60 beautiful wreaths created by her fellow Madrone students!

How we did it:

60 small paper plates

180 colorful pom poms

90 green leaves

540 hand-punched flowers

The students produced BEAUTIFUL pieces of art that remind us that spring showers bring May flowers!

You can easily do something like this in your neighborhood. We love this project because it gives your child an opportunity to spend time with lovely individuals from an older generation. Not only will the paper flower wreaths bring a smile to their faces (the young ones and the older ones!) but the simple act of talking to each other will be priceless.

Check out a post on Little Hands Can's website to see how to make the flower wreaths;


-Kelli Plevyak



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