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Nonprofit Accountant/Bookkeeper

Want to be a part of an organization that teaches children to look beyond themselves and become socially responsible individuals? Please consider volunteering your time and talent to empower kids to make a difference in the community! Count on Kids is a Sacramento region, non-profit and we rely on our amazing volunteers to make our programs possible. Being a volunteer with Count on Kids is a great opportunity to get involved with our growing Leadership Squad (youth members) and all we have to offer. Count on Kids welcomes volunteers who have the same vision for providing children opportunities to give back to their communities through community service projects.


Count on Kids seeks an experienced professional to handle its bookkeeping and administration.

Qualifications: MUST be skilled in standard accounting software (QuickBooks, etc.); MUST have balanced bank statements, run accounting reports, entered and tracked budgets in an accounting software program, at least one year's experience administering a non-profit or public agency; ability to manage general ledger and finance, prepare financial reports.


Responsibilities: Finance & bookkeeping- Maintain general ledger, including receipts, deposits, payables, grant allocations, and accruals.- Prepare budgets and financial reports for funding sources and board.- Oversee preparation and filing of non-profit reports and tax returns.

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