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HeartFelt Flowers

Service Project: Create felt flowers

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cost: $7

Duration: 45 minutes (this includes drying time)

Lesson(s) learned: Create a felt flower bouquet to show gratitude to someone special

How we did it:

Spring showers bring May flowers, right? Well, it’s not quite May yet and many places are getting pummeled by heavy rainfall. Here in Northern California, we are LOVING all this rain! Addie and I have been talking about planting a tomato garden and flowers once the weather allows for some outside time. We then started talking about how her grandparents love to garden and how they may be bummed out that their annuals are not in the ground yet. Hey, if you can’t plant real flowers, why not make some?

This project gives your child an opportunity to make a bouquet of flowers to show their heartfelt thanks for someone special in their lives.

What you will need to make 5 flowers:

15 pieces of colored felt (you can easily utilize less by using the same color in multiple flowers)

5 orange and/or yellow, small pom poms

5 large popsicle sticks

5 paper leaves (you can easily make these from construction paper or felt)

3 various size cookie cutters shaped like flowers

Green paint (not shown)

Small vase (optional)


First, gather all your supplies for the project. The craft store has felt for $0.39 cents a sheet. I love felt because you can do so many inexpensive and fun craft projects with it. We will be using felt in many of our upcoming Simple Service projects, so save those leftover pieces!

Have your child arrange the felt in groups of three so that they can get an idea of the color patterns they would like for the flowers.

Addie is using a black Sharpie marker to make an outline of the flower. We will use this when cutting the flower out. The next time we do this project, I want to use heart shaped cookie cutters. How cute that would be to give out HeartFelt Flowers in the shape of hearts!

After our first tracing effort, we smartened up and decided to trace the flower in the upper corner of the felt, rather than the center. By doing it this way, you save a large portion of the felt for later use.

This is what our felt looked like once we were done with our tracing. Notice that we have a large flower, medium flower and small flower?

Once your child has completed all the tracing, have them cut the flower out of the corner. By doing this, it will be easier for your child to manipulate a small square to cut their flower out, rather than trying to hold onto the larger piece of felt while cutting around the small flower outline.

This is what our cutouts looked like. Please note the black outline around the yellow, medium sized flower. This is from the black, Sharpie marker. When assembling your flowers, ensure that the black trace marks are on the back of the flower.

Here is how Addie assembled her flowers. Pretty!

Next, we painted the sticks green.

Addie and her completed flowers! She’s patiently waiting for them to dry.

Addie glued the leaves onto the stems.

Pretty leaves!

We found a tiny, glass vase to put our bouquet of flowers in.

A bouquet of flowers would cheer up anyone. A bouquet of HeartFelt Flowers made BY someone special FOR someone special is a wonderful thing! We are off to deliver ours to some awesome grandparents!

Have fun with your HeartFelt Flowers!


-Kelli Plevyak



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