We are relocating to Washington!

A note from the founder, Kelli Plevyak


As you know, I founded Count on Kids back in 2018 and since then have passionately crafted community service projects empowering our youngest community members. Our organization was embraced wholeheartedly by communities across the Sacramento region and we've built meaningful relationships with countless local nonprofits. My heart and soul will always be reflected in the spirit of our mission. It saddens me to inform you that my family and I have decided to move to Washington state. I will launch Count on Kids in the community where we plan to settle and hopefully encounter as much love and support as we found in the Sacramento region. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone that made Count on Kids a reality and shared in our meaningful journey to help so many people AND empower our local youth. 

Count on Kids






Our mission is to create tomorrow's socially conscious leaders through participation in and facilitation of community improvement projects.


We are an organization run 100% by volunteers. We care deeply about giving back to our community and empowering our youth to transition from the "me" perspective to the "we" perspective.


Our programs are crafted with the goal of creating lifelong "service-oriented" individuals. 

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In the Community


Count on Kids has many opportunities to get involved in the community. From the youngest toddler to the newly graduated high school student, we want to empower our youth to make a difference. With empowerment comes the ability to effect change and feel accomplishment.


“For it is in giving that we receive.” ―St. Francis of Assisi 


Our journey with children starts from a young age, providing programs such as our Kids Helping Kids in Need and Superheroes Clean Up The Town events, where infants to elementary students can participate in community improvement projects that will have a profound impact on both themselves and the lives that they help. The journey continues with our leadership programs for young adults which provides them coaching, mentoring and skills that empower them to create and facilitate their own community improvement events. Our programs support our vision for our youth: To create young leaders that will grow into adults and continue to positively impact their own communities but also take that perspective and skill-set into their workplace

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